DTO019 Autonomy

The debut EP from Connecticut's Progress. Fast, melodic hardcore. For fans of Bane and Rise Against.

Lions Write History

DTO018 Enemies

The debut CDep from Connecticut's Lions Write History. Featuring members of With Honor and Signs of Hope.


DTO017 Maintain 7"

Texas hardcore at its finest. For fans of Bitter End, Trapped Under Ice.

Signs of Hope / Carry the Torch

DTO016.5 Split
Vinyl done by Goodwill Records (Italy)

Life Wont Wait

DTO016 Drifter

Hardcore from North Dakota. For fans of Have Heart and Modern Life is War.

Ultima Victima

DTO015 La Batalla Sera Eterna

The epic debut of Mexico's hardest working band. Ultima Victima is now on Eulogy Records. Out of print

Bring Out Your Dead

DTO014 Just Stay Asleep...

Hardcore from Long Island, NY. Featuring ex members of Scraps and Heart Attacks. Out of print


DTO013 Progress

The original demo release from Progress. So good it had to be pressed. Out of print

Signs of Hope

DTO012 Choices Made 7"

The followup to Signs of Hope's classic debut "First and Foremost". Out of print


DTO011 Hostile Territory

British Columbia hardcore. Featuring members of Daggermouth.

Signs of Hope

DTO010 Choices Made

The followup to Signs of Hope's classic debut "First and Foremost".

Heavy Hearted

DTO009 Overcast

One of Upstate New York's Juggernauts. Featuring current and ex members of Buried Alive, Polar Bear Club and Despair.

Carry The Torch

DTO008 Dead Weather

The debut from California's Carry The Torch. Featuring the former vocalist for 200 North. For fans of Shai Hulud and great music.

Up The Fury

DTO007 Behind Every Mind

Hardcore from Long Island, NY. Featuring current and ex members of This is Hell and Crime in Stereo

Never Looking Back

DTO006 Fragile Hearts

Washington's hardcore powerhouse. One of Rob Detonate's favorite releases.

The Homefront

DTO005 Sacrifice

Boston hardcore for fans of Modern Life is War and American Nightmare. Current and ex members of Have Heart, Verse and Guns Up!

Stand To Reason

DTO004 Swords into Ploughshares

New York hardcore for fans of Trial and Judge.

Signs of Hope

DTO003 First and Foremost

Signs of Hope's classic debut reissued. The first 'DTO' release.

Signs of Hope

PRDR002 First and Foremost

The short-run of 1000 CD's. Signs of Hope's now classic debut release. After its success, 'Project Detonate' became Detonate Records - a full fledged label. Out of print

Signs of Hope

001 Demo

The demo that spawned Connecticut heavyweights Signs of Hope, making them a headliner and eventually a band that would tour the world many times over. Out of print


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